Carnival Ferris Wheel for Sale

Carnival Ferris wheel for sale cheap in Beston group. Carnival Ferris wheel are also called carnival wheel ride. As a leading manufacturer of Ferris wheels, Beston group also commits to bringing this classic theme parks rides to people worldwide. With high quality as well as cheap prices, Beston hopes that people all across the globe can enjoy this incredible iconic amusement ride. So if you have the same interests with us, please contact us now.

customized 42m sky wheel
Beston Big Wheel for Sale

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Ever since the appearance of the first modern Ferris wheel in Chicago, the replications have be found around the world in carnivals to entertain people. And to meet people’s needs at different times and locations, there are Ferris wheels of park models as well as portable ones. Besides, there are various kinds of Ferris wheels with different heights, designs, themes to meet the needs of all age groups.

How does Carnival Ferris Wheel Work?

Before we comes to how a Ferris wheel work, we first talk about what is a Ferris wheel. Generally speaking, Ferris wheel is a no-building structure with a circular upright wheel, on which or from which passenger cabins are attached.

And when the giant wheel turns, the cabins keep downward due to gravity or pulled by electric motors like those of observation wheels. So in fact, the main movement of Ferris wheel is the rotation of giant wheel. And to turn around the huge steel wheel, many powerful motors are used.  Usually, hydraulic motors are powered by electric pumps to promote the rotation of the giant wheels.

And there are tires placed along the rim of the wheel, which can work as friction rollers when the wheels turn around. Then the rotating tires rub against the rim of the wheel and propel it rotate on its axis.

And to ensure safety, the Ferris wheel often moves in slow speed and the speed can be controlled by computers. In addition, there are spare emergency generator in case the power goes out.

buy ferris wheel 20m
Beston Quality 20m Ferris Wheel

Model: CGFW-20A
Total height: 20m
Wheel diameter: 17.98m
Cabin number: 12
Total capacity: 48 persons
Area: 17m*14m
Driving power: 6 kw
Mechanical friction wheel drive
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30m ferris wheel for sale
Beston Customized 30m Ferris Wheel

Model: CGFW-30A
Total height: 29.8m
Wheel diameter: 25.6m
Cabin number: 18
Total capacity: 72 persons
Area: 18m*16m
Driving power: 6 kw
Rated voltage: 380v/50Hz
Mechanical friction wheel drive
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42m ferris wheel for sale
Beston Giant Wheel Ride Cheap

Model: CGFW-42A
Total height: 42m
Wheel diameter: 38.4m
Cabin number: 24
Total capacity: 96 persons
Area: 23m*26m
Driving power: 16 kw
Rated voltage: 380v/50Hz
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carnival Ferris wheel for sale
Beston Giant Ferris Wheel Supplier

Model: CGFW-46A
Total height: 46m
Wheel diameter: 41m
Cabin number: 26
Total capacity: 104 persons
Area: 29m*24m
Driving power: 12 kw
Rated voltage: 380v/50Hz
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ferris wheels for sale
Beston Amusement Park Ferris Wheel for Sale

Model: CGFW-46B
Total height: 46m
Wheel diameter: 41m
Cabin number: 26
Total capacity: 104 persons
Area: 29m*24m
Driving power: 12 kw
Rated voltage: 380v/50Hz
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How Much does a Ferris Wheel Cost?

When it comes to buying a Ferris wheel for theme and amusement parks, prices of the wheels are often one of the important things to consider. However, there is no exact prices for you to consider, for there are many kinds of Ferris wheels in Beston.

For example, there are small Ferris wheels for kids. These mini Ferris wheels are often less than 20 meters high with simpler structures. So these children’s Ferris wheels are probably the cheapest.

In addition, there are giant wheels available, with height ranging from 20 meters to 120 meters and more. And it is known that the higher the wheel is the more complex the Ferris wheel will be, and the more expensive it is.

Except for the height, there are also other factors that influence the prices of the Ferris wheels. For instance, the way how the cabins are kept upright when the wheels work. And we know that there are gravity ones and the motor powered ones. Since you need extra many electric powers to keep the cabins upright, the motor powered ones are more expensive than the gravity ones.

On tops of these, there are different sizes, designs, materials of the passenger cabins. So if you want to know the costs of a Ferris wheel, you have to make a lot choices. To save you from wasting energy, you can always contact Beston group for a quotation of certain kind of Ferris wheel.

ferris wheel 20m for sale

20 Meters Ferris Wheel for Sale

20 meters Ferris wheel for sale cheap in Beston group. Every amusement parks, big or small, needs a Ferris wheel. Ferris wheels of 20 meters high are neither too tall nor too small, and they are perfect choices for theme ...
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customized 42m sky wheel

42 Meters Ferris Wheel for Sale

Quality 42 meters Ferris wheel for sale cheap in Beston group. As a long-lasting attraction, giant Ferris wheel can be in many theme and amusement parks all over the world. Huge Ferris wheels can come in many heights, and you ...
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giant wheel manufacturer

65 Meters Ferris Wheel for Sale

Quality 65 meters Ferris wheel for sale with reasonable prices in Beston group. As observation wheel, 65 meters Ferris wheel is often found in cities around the around. However, for observation usage, 65 meters Ferris wheel is enough, for it ...
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kiddie ferris wheel for sale

Indoor Ferris Wheel for Sale

Indoor Ferris wheel for sale in Beston group. As a professional manufacturer of Ferris wheels, Beston offers various indoor Ferris wheel with different designs and themes. And of course, the indoor Ferris wheels in Beston group are cheap in prices ...
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double face ferris wheel for sale

Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale

Backyard Ferris wheels for sale cheap in Beston group. Backyard Ferris wheel is actually one of the small Ferris wheels for kids, due to the limited heights and small footprints. And it is always the dream of every children to ...
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low price outdoor kids small ferris wheel

Double Face Ferris Wheel for Sale

Quality double face Ferris wheel for sale in Beston group. As the name implies, double face Ferris wheel is Ferris wheel with two sides, and riders can ride on both sides. Of course, with more cabins, Beston double face Ferris ...
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Beston Ferris Wheel Manufacturer in China

Beston group is where you can buy quality Ferris wheels cheap from. For Beston is a top manufacturer and supplier of various high graded Ferris wheels.

As a qualified Ferris wheel manufacturer, Beston has the expertise as well as the capability to produce customized Ferris wheels for customers all over the world. For example, we provide kids small Ferris wheels, giant wheels from 20 meters high to 120 meters high. All Beston Ferris wheels are made to last for they are built with high quality materials as well as high technologies.

And the Ferris wheels definitely draw great crowds to your venues, which not only improve your reputation but also make huge money for you. So if you want buy quality Ferris wheels with reasonable prices, you should come to Beston group, the reliable manufacturer of Ferris wheels in China.


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