Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale

Backyard Ferris wheels for sale cheap in Beston group. Backyard Ferris wheel is actually one of the small Ferris wheels for kids, due to the limited heights and small footprints. And it is always the dream of every children to have a Ferris wheel in their backyard or garden. Of course, due to the small footprints, backyard Ferris wheels can be used in other locations, such as the indoor theme and amusement parks, family entertainment centers, carnivals and funfairs, kids playground centers, and other kids favorite locations.

double face ferris wheel for sale
BFW-D1 Double Face Ferris Wheel for Sale

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backyard ferris wheel for sale
BFW-D2 Double Ferris Wheel for Kids in Beston

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For it is really happy to ride on their own backyard Ferris wheels with siblings or friends. So if you have beautiful backyard or garden with several kids, you can give your kids the best gift ever by installing a backyard Ferris wheel in your home. In addition, if you want to start your businesses, you can resell the Beston cheap backyard Ferris wheel with high quality to your customers.

Costs of Customized Backyard Ferris Wheel

Unlike giant Ferris wheels, backyard Ferris wheels are much simpler in structures as well as working principles. Besides, like the mini Ferris wheels, backyard Ferris wheels are of limited height, usually less than 20 meters high. So these backyard Ferris wheels can be designed with various themes.

And in fact, all of the backyard Ferris wheels are customizable in sizes, appearances, designs, and themes. From novel designs of the cabins to the colorful appearances, backyard Ferris wheels in Beston can meet all your needs. And of course, you can decorate your backyard Ferris wheels according to the seasons and holidays.

Except for the custom new Ferris wheel, Beston group can also offer you quality ones with reasonable prices. The prices of Beston backyard Ferris wheel are lower than those of our competitors, for we really put customer’s interests at the first place.

carnival ferris wheel for sale
BFW-M1 Beston Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale

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10 Meters Backyard Ferris Wheel for Sale Cheap

Backyard Ferris wheels are often of limited height, less than 20 meters high. When it comes to the exact height, it seems that people are interested in mini Ferris wheels of 25 feet or 7.62 meters high and 10 meters high. As mini Ferris wheel, the height of backyard Ferris wheel refers to the total height, including the height of the column.

In Beston, 10 meters of backyard Ferris wheel have 4, 5, 6, 10 arms available. For the cabins, they are often made of fiberglass, and to ensure riders’ safety, steel rails are built around the passenger cars. If you want buy low prices 10 meters mini Ferris wheels, please contact us for more details.

Backyard Ferris Wheel Supplier Beston

Beston group is professional manufacturer and supplier of Ferris wheels with qualifications. Except for giant Ferris wheels, Beston also provides mini Ferris wheels, such as backyard Ferris wheels and double face Ferris wheels. For our backyard Ferris wheels, they are made of high quality fiberglass, durable paintings, strong steels and qualified motors.

And like other mini Ferris wheels for kids, they are of different colors, sizes, designs and themes. In addition, due to the compact dimensions, backyard Ferris wheels are easy to install and easy to operate. So all in all, backyard Ferris wheel for sale in Beston is your perfect choice in quality as well as in prices.


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