Antique Ferris wheel for Sale

Antique Ferris wheel for sale cheap in Beston group. Antique Ferris wheel is also known as vintage Ferris wheel. Antique Ferris wheels have the same structures and working principles as modern Ferris wheel. And the main differences are that antique Ferris wheels often feature traditional decorations or have vintage designs that give people a sense of nostalgia. If you want to buy antique Ferris wheels for your theme parks or other specific locations, you can never go wrong with Beston group in China.

Antique Ferris wheel for Sale
Antique Ferris wheel Cheap

Model: GVFW-52A
Total height: 52m
Wheel diameter: 50m
Cabin number: 36
Total capacity: 144 persons
Area: 33m*28m
Total power: 12kw
Rated voltage: 380v/50Hz
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While some antique Ferris wheels are even made of wood structures. However, for safety concern, antique Ferris wheels in Beston are still built of strong steels and fiberglass reinforced plastics, and other quality materials. In other words, although these Ferris wheels may seem to be antique, they are actually made of advanced modern materials.

Antique Ferris wheel for Sale
Beston Vintage Carnival Ferris wheel

Model: GVFW-42A
Total height: 42m
Wheel diameter: 38.4m
Cabin number: 24
Total capacity: 96 persons
Area: 23m*26m
Driving power: 16 kw
Rated voltage: 380v/50Hz
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Antique Ferris wheel for Sale
Antique Small Ferris wheel for Sale

Model: GVFW-6A
Total height: 5m
Cabin number: 6
Total capacity: 12 persons
Area: 6m*6m
Total power: 4kw
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big ferris wheel for sale
Beston Big Ferris wheels for Parks

Model: GVFW-30A
Total height: 29.8m
Wheel diameter: 25.6m
Cabin number: 18
Total capacity: 72 persons
Area: 18m*16m
Driving power: 6 kw
Rated voltage: 380v/50Hz
Mechanical friction wheel drive
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Antique Ferris wheel Manufacturer Beston

Beston group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of amusement park rides in China. With rich experience and high technologies, Beston can provide customers all over the world with a great variety of theme park rides, such as thrill rides, kiddie rides and family rides.

Ferris wheel is one of the most classic theme park rides with long history. Since its first appearance, Ferris wheel has become staple attraction in theme and amusement parks, carnivals, family entertainment centers, and other locations.

Beston can design and make a wide range of customized Ferris wheels to meet your specific needs. Made of high quality materials with reasonable prices, Beston Ferris wheels have been exported to many customers all over the world, and have won the highly recognition and praises of our customers.

Quality Antique Ferris wheel Rides Cheap

As mentioned above, Ferris wheels in Beston are built of to quality materials, such as robust steels, durable paintings, qualified motors. In addition, all parts of Beston Ferris wheels are built with advanced technologies so that they are safe for riders in all aspects.

Besides, the passenger cabins of Beston Ferris wheels are equipped with safety belts and safety bars. And there is no exception for Beston antique Ferris wheels. They are also made of high graded materials to ensure the safety of riders while at the same time entertain them high in the air.

Antique Ferris wheels in Beston tend to be of small dimensions rather than giant Ferris wheels. Of course, Beston can customize Ferris wheels for your specific requirements. As for prices, Beston antique Ferris wheels are of competitive prices, for they are built and assembled in our own factory. And located in Henan province, Beston group can transport your antique Ferris wheel to you with short period of time and less money.

Features of Beston Antique Ferris wheel

  1. Traditional designs. To attract people’s attention, antique Ferris wheels in Beston are often decorated with traditional designs, colors and themes, which give people a sense of vintage product.
  2. Modern technology. Although antique Ferris wheels are of traditional appearances, they are made of modern quality materials with advance technology to ensure the safety of riders.
  3. Customer Ferris wheel. Beston, with rich experience and advance technology, can customized antique Ferris wheels to suit your needs. Your imagination is the only limit.
  4. Quality antique Ferris wheel cheap. As stated above, Beston Ferris wheels are made of high quality materials, and they are built and assembled in our own factory. So we can provide you quality Ferris wheels with cheap prices.


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